Rant: An ever growing nation

Posted: April 22, 2013 in fat loss, General, Psychology

Okay my first rant about the general/normal population about the mentality and ignorance which surrounds it in regards to this country’s current level of health and fitness. I call the majority the general or normal however words such as uneducated and/or lazy all come to mind (not for everyone, just seems to be for most).

To start this off I’m going to give some statistics and than I’ll come back and explain each one:
– 1 in 20 people have diabetes in UK and by 2025 over 5 million people will have it.
– in 2012 23,000 people under 17 had diabetes
– over 25% of the adult population is classified as obese
– 3/10 boys and girls aged 2-15 are classed as obese in 2012
– by 2025 nearly 50% of male adults and 40% female adults will be obese
– average person consumes 68g sugars daily
– consumption of soft drinks has more than doubled since 1985
– average child aged 1-4 consume 57g sugars daily
– all of these problems can be correlated to increased risk of developing a serious health disorder


If these stats don’t sicken you than turn away now because its only going to get worse (and if the thought of your kids kids growing up obese and ill doesn’t cross any moral barrier than you need to question yourself morally as a human being). When did we allow it to be okay to become a health decreasing nation who finds it acceptable to ‘treat’ themselves to a chocolate bar/cake/alcohol on a daily basis only to further neglect what their body needs in order to become well nourished, energised and healthy.

Tell me when the following has ever become ACCEPTABLE to our society:
– elevated cardiovascular problems e.g. Heart disease and strokes
– greater longstanding illness
– increased blood pressure
– increased dental problems
– greater cancer risk
– behavioural problems (abnormal psychological behaviour)
– birth defects (I.e. disrupted metabolism)

So why have we allowed such problems to develop through poor nutrition! It makes no sense to me! I’m guessing the following would be an answer if I asked people of the street:
– convenience (food choice wise)
– cheaper (healthy v fast food)
– taste

Lets break down these answers:

In other words its easier to grab a chocolate bar, or cook a microwaveable meal than it is to cook up a home made meal. I 100% agree that yes it is a more convenient way of living and if it was physiologically advantageous to eat and live this way than I wouldn’t have a problem. But guess what? It isn’t, so i guess you no what I’m about to say next, but before I do think about this:

“Arguments of convenience lack integrity and inevitably trip you up” Donald Rumsfield

Kind of sums up what I’m trying to get across. Just because something is convenient, doesn’t make it right or acceptable. Basically just suck it up and make a decent meal so one day you won’t have to suck it in.

This is a topic I can strongly reflect upon being brought up in a house where money was tight and obviously priorities of house bills and necessities such as the car and the mortgage took the bulk of income. HOWEVER it’s definitely not as expensive to eat healthy as people seem to believe, now I no most will be thinking “going organic is to much” or “I can’t afford 6 meals a day” but you can make so many more simple changes to what you put in your mouth without costs going up I.e. buy more vegetables instead of crisps, buy porridge for breakfast, buy meat in bulk at beginning of month and freeze it. I could put together a nice little menu for everyone but you can all use your own time for that if you care that much (if you’ve read this far than I’m hoping you do actually care).

If you want a few examples go and add Phil Learney on Facebook and look at his posted images where he has designed cheap and healthy meals for less then a £1 each!

This one is the most frustrating to deal with, the taste and attachment people get associated with food for is classically from a carbohydrate source which means its giving you a very quick short term spike in insulin and increased energy followed by the inevitable crash after it wears off. Is that taste worth it? Was eating that one “tasty” muffin worth the rise and fall in energy and heightened insulin resistance leading eventually (potentially) to diabetes, heart problems, slowed metabolism etc etc. I’m not saying that eating only one will cause this (far from it of course) however why run the risk of getting into the carbohydrate addiction cycle and spiralling downwards there after. Just not worth it in my eyes. Obviously there are exceptions when people are aiming for fat loss when refeeds/cheat meals become appropriate but in the day to day diet it just shouldn’t be welcome in my eyes, as our bodies can’t deal with the current amount of sugar just because its a nice treat.

“Your not a dog, you don’t need a treat” Learney, 2013.

I just started writing this article because certain people and advertisements frustrated me and wanted somewhere to write up my anger, instead of taking it all out in the gym for a change ;). If you’ve read this far than I’m impressed because I’m definitely making this longer than it needs to be, even this sentence.

What can we do than?
I have no magic pill, all I have is basic tools to use which will be hard at first but hardworking always pays off!
– throw out any man made foods
– buy fresh vegetables from local farm market (2 x a week ideally)
– avoid dairy (to start with)
– eliminate wheat
– eliminate all gluten
– if you can catch it, kill it or pick it you can eat it (no not picking from the shelves, I mean from the ground – good try)
– wake up every morning with a smile

All my clients do the above and have ALL had success from it (body composition wise, energy levels and general well being) so why not give it a try?

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