About Me

Hi guys,

I want to keep this section short a sweet for 2 reasons. Firstly, you don’t want to read anything to long and boring about someone’s background. Secondly, Im very much a ‘skip the bullsh@*’ and get to the point sort of guy 🙂

– most importantly about me I strongly believe if you can dream something and believe in it than you can most definitely achieve it. Regardless of how far fetched and ridiculous it may seem at the time. What’s the point in aiming for the starts? Why not aim higher?

– I’m a qualified personal trainer, sports therapist and training to become a certified sports nutritionist.

– my passion is to encourage others to be all they can be. I am a 100% money back guarantee person. If I fail with any of my clients then I see it as a failure to myself.

– my thought process is to never stop learning, question everything and believe nobody unless it coincides with my own train of thought and beliefs 🙂 but ALWAYS remaining open minded and willing to change my opinion about something



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