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Let me start of saying the following controversial points:
– you don’t want to lose weight
– you don’t want to diet
– severely cutting calories will NOT make you lose weight long term

Two things will now possibly happen, you’ll either close the article down because you think I’m some crazy guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about or you’ll give me a chance to explain my comments. I hope the latter and you embrace it with an open and intuitive mind. I too am willing to change my mind upon the following points if questioned and argued/debated intelligently šŸ™‚


Definition of a diet (Oxford dictionary)

1. The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats:
E.g. a vegetarian diet

2. A special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons:
Iā€™m going on a diet [as modifier] (of food or drink) with reduced fat or sugar content:
I.e. diet soft drinks

The dictionary definition and the general publics definition are slightly different. The difference usually lies in the general publics ‘dieting’ will typically focus on cutting their calories below their usual amount in an attempt to lose weight.

Let me start with understanding the term ‘weight’. Weight means the whole thing (the body), which encompasses everything your body holds. This means all your organs, bones, muscle, hair, skin, nails, water, undigested food and yes of corse fat, the whole lot are included in this term. So next time you say you want to lose ‘weight’ your talking about all these factors. Think about that for a moment and let it sink in and ask yourself “do you want to lose organ size, muscle mass (which creates a toned physique), bone density etc.” So assuming you’ve come to a logical conclusion lets make this clear, controversial point number 1 has been debunked, you don’t want to lose weight, you want to lose fat.


Controversial point 2 and 3 dieting and cutting calories. Now I’m going to try to explain this as simply as possible so Im sorry if I get a bit wordy and go off at a tangent, lets begin…

Within our diet we have three macronutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proteins help manage/repair all of our tissues, fats help with cell signalling and carbohydrates will manage energy and give muscle fullness and function (toned). Our bodies our clever little things and strive for balance (homeostasis), in other words it wants to stay at its current weight (irrespective of how over/under weight you are). Because of this we each have our own unique ‘set point’ which is the amount of calories it requires to survive at this balanced point (this could be 1000 calories, 2000 calories, 4000 calories etc, its an individual thing). If you over eat then the body will try to burn it off, if you under eat then it will do its best not to lose any weight…it’s a evolutionary survival mechanism to ensure it survives and lives on, like I said our bodies are VERY clever.

Now the problem with ‘dieting’ is you will most likely under eat which our bodies WILL eventually say “no more” and not let go of any more weight (notice I didn’t say fat). The amount of protein you should be consuming is correlated with the amount of muscle tissue you have (hence why bodybuilders have more then the average person – having said that protein will NOT give you giant muscles I promise), protein is found from meat, fish, eggs. The minimum you should be consuming, personally, is 1g/kg bodyweight, in other words if you weigh 80kg you should be having 80g of protein (equivalent of 200g cooked chicken + 1 portion fish), looking at them numbers I bet the majority of you aren’t eating enough. Now, like I said previously, our bodies need X amount of calories to survive daily, so guess where our bodies get these calories from? That’s right muscle tissue (because its most similar), the same principle applies for dietary fats, our body needs calories to survive so it steals more calories from muscle tissue to survive if you restrict dietary fats.

So dietary proteins and dietary fats aren’t met so it steals it from muscle tissue (easiest, accessible place to take it from). So now your losing muscle tissue, which means what? Your losing weight, in other words your dieting. So now you pat yourself on the back for losing all that weight when in reality you’ve starved your body, lost muscle tissue (which gives you that toned look) so you now look flat, BUT you haven’t lost any fat because its keeping it stored nice and safely to protect the body in case you starve it even more and you’ve became catabolic (degenerative…see below). Then you decide to reduce carbohydrates, because you’ve stalled in your weight loss venture, which causes calories to go down even more so the body has to steal more muscle tissue just to maintain homeostasis. Then you decide to add in some exercise (that can be running, dance classes, fitness classes, home DVD workouts etc) which places even more stress on the body and increases the demand for calories so even more are stolen from more muscle tissue. Now you’ve ran out of things to manipulate and fat loss stalls, the bodies lost lots of WEIGHT but minimal (if any) fat.

Scales 1 v 0 health.

You’ve now set yourself up for the dreaded ‘rebound’ effect, the second you finish your ‘diet’ and lost all that fantastic ‘weight’, your exceptionally clever body has been getting itself set for gaining as much possible weight the second you show it more calories its been used to. Remember our body has a balance point which it wants to be at, this deficit in calories/energy has now triggered our body to become a fat building machine. And I mean it is now ready to get big and quick faster then you can blink. Every single organ and signalling cell is ready to grab every single calorie you give and put it as fat. Why? Because of bodies are now thinking “well we don’t want to be in that situation ever again but in case we do, we need to pack more calories in the body so we can use them as energy just in case we get that hungry”

Quick summary so far:
– diets will causes you to initially lose weight (yay for the scales but unhappy face for your health)
– when you cut calories your body becomes a fat storing machine when you eat more again

Funny enough, diet companies know this. They know that you will lose weight and then regain it when you use their products. They also realise your mind will run like this:
– customer buys diet pills, meal replacement shakes etc whatever it is (either way it will definitely involve cutting calories to make it a success)
– Customer loses initial weight (as discussed above)
– Diet comes to an end and customer returns back to old eating habits and weight inevitably returns (as discussed)
– Several months go by…
– Customer remember that the diet worked and goes back to it
– Repeats process over and over not realising the health consequences associated (yo yo dieting)
– Customer tells friends about product and they try it and the same outcomes happen
– The business grows and becomes successful & customers will never realise that it’s actually their products which are causing all the health implications (see below)
* I won’t say any company names but funny enough many of them are very successful so use your brain to guess who I’m talking about šŸ˜‰


Final part I promise šŸ™‚

The problem with yo yo dieting is that it Will make your metabolism go absolutely mental (been referred to as metabolic damage which is an umbrella term for a wide variety of problems). Your body will also be in a catabolic state (we want to be anabolic which simply means regenerative). Catabolism will cause (chances are you suffer from a variety of the list which indicates to me where you currently are health wise):

– Decreased neural focus and concentration
– dehydration
– acute hunger
– impaired cognitive function
– increased subcutaneous fat
– lean tissue compromised
– fibrocystic breasts
– infertility
– lowered sex drive
– masculinisation (for females)
– feminisation (for males)
– mood swings
– depression
– night sweats
– late puberty
– male pattern baldness
– increased risk breast cancer
– depression
– Insomnia
– late menopause
– symptoms low thyroid

**all credit given to Phil Learney for the list

So next time you think about getting a new “diet pill” or “meal replacement shakes” or whatever the latest fad is I urge you…no I beg you to think about this article and question how healthy it actually is.

Remember any diet WILL cause weight loss but not necessarily fat

Like. Share. Comment please guys šŸ™‚ like I said please ask questions and debate as I realise I may be missing something!

Dream. Believe. Achieve.